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Park City Wellness Center specializes in integrative medicine and aesthetic medicine, offering patients ample time and individualized care necessary in addressing their physical well being and in turn their emotional well being.

Integrative medicine at the Wellness Center includes natural hormone therapies and IV nutritional therapies that focus on preventative care and healing at a cellular level. We also use these therapeutic approaches to counter the caustic effects of chemotherapy.

Many of our patients come to us when nothing else has resolved the maladies they are suffering. Some other areas we look at include thyroid issues, unexplained weight gain/inability to lose weight, allergies, sleep/fatigue problems.

Thorough blood and saliva testing allow us to target deficiencies that may be a result of stress, age, lifestyle, chronic illness, and/or medication side-effects. A guiding principle within integrative medicine is to use therapies that have some high-quality evidence to support them.

Aesthetic medicine at the Wellness Center includes anti-aging treatments for the skin and face. We want you to feel good on the inside and beautiful on the outside. Accentuating your natural beauty is our goal with skin peels and fillers for wrinkle corrections. We also treat adolescent and adult acne.

8178 Gorgoza Pines Rd., Ste. H, Park City, Utah 84098 (located in the Quarry Village Shopping Center off of Jeremy Ranch Exit).